A Peerless Baritone

I heard David Pershall sing Escamillo in Carmen last year.  He was excellent, considerate and good looking, and he sang his part beautifully.  This year, having been declared one of the 25 finest rising singers in the world of opera and serving as the Vienna Opera's first baritone, he spoke to a group I belong to and dazzled us beyond measure.   Radiant, extraordinarily handsome, completely at ease, he is in full command of his gift--something many  of you may have been privileged to experience this weekend when world-class opera came to us. 

One of the joys of being in the Greensboro opera community is being privileged to watch the  unfolding of such talent. 

The following poem is an attempt to convey that experience.


I saw him first a few years ago
riding his burro into the square.
He tied his mount
entered the cathedral
and sang in the quartet—

a good looking fellow
with a resonant baritone
who carried his part well
and when the service was over
trotted back home.

Today with full entourage
he galloped an Andalusian stallion
into the square
and waved his hat
at adoring crowds.

Resplendent as a Sun God
in full command of his own gift
our hero radiates a confidence
bestowed by opera houses
around the world.

When he sang to us
glory filled the cathedral
opened our hearts to celestial beauty
the joy of a destiny fulfilled
by one of our own.